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*All classes require a 1-month written notice prior to cancellation or termination. Failure to do so will result in a 1-month tuition charge.*

PRESCHOOL GYMNASTICS- Ages 2-3: 5-6 athletes/coach, Ages 3-4: 6-8 athletes/coach, Ages 4-6: 6-10 athletes with 1-2 coaches
ALL OTHER CLASSES: 10-12 athletes, traditionally with 2 coaches/class. Gymnastics class may reflect 6-8 athletes/coach. Classes usually run in conjunction to other classes at the same operating time. AM classes offer the most intimate environments.

Payments can be received monthly or by "semester" or season. Small additional discounts apply to semester payments. There is an annual Registration Fee of $40/athlete.
30MIN/WK = $47/MONTH
(singular athlete) or $67/mo for gymnastics
1.5 HR CLASS- $88/MONTH (singular athlete)


ATHLETE 1: 2ND 1HR CLASS = $52.40
ATHLETE 1: 3RD  1HR CLASS = $52.40



PRESCHOOL GYMNASTICS VS. PRE-GYMNASTICS- Preschool gymnastics is a 30min class designed for ages 2-3, or 3-4 with a helper, exposing them to all apparatus. Pre-Gymnastics is for ages 4-7, solo, & a 45min class helping to prepare them for a longer duration class.

GYMNASTICS- Gymnastics is designed for ages 6+ with pre-requisite requirements of tumbling terminology, and a bridge with head off the floor for 10sec. All Level 1+ Gymnastics classes expose athlete to all 4 gymnastics events: bars, beam, floor, & vault, as well as rope & rings. The class is generally 1.5hrs. 

TEAM GYMNASTICS- Older athletes (ages 5-16) train on all events with opportunities to advance in a competitive realm, IF DESIRED.

BEGINNING TUMBLING- Available to ANY athlete with little to NO KNOWLEDGE of gymnastics or tumbling. This class teaches gymnastics strength basics, & terminology, with an emphasis in developing the Back Bend or Bridge, Handstand, and straight line Cartwheel.

INTERMEDIATE TUMBLING- A preliminary step, the athlete must have a Bridge from a stand position down to the ground safely, & a Cartwheel in a straight line (legs straight). This class teaches advanced limbering; front & back walkovers, with preparations for back handsprings & side aerials.

ADVANCED TUMBLING- A preliminary step, the athlete must have a front and back walkover (preferred straight legs), and a 1-arm cartwheel. This class focuses primarily on back handsprings, side aerials, front aerials, back tucks, and running tumbling skills, with some exposure perhaps to bars, vault or beam training.

CHEER &/OR ACRO- Our Cheer is designed to teach proper poses, jumps, tumbling, and some partner spotted base/flyer basics. The Acro class is designed to improve the flexibility & tumbling skills specialized to the dancer and/or gymnast. It transitions from floor to hard surface interchangeably to avoid mental barriers between the spring floor and a dance stage.

LITTLE NINJAS- (Ages 4-6). The class emphasizes SAFETY and LISTENING skills while developing balance, agility, ambidexterity, coordination, flexibility, proper parkour terminology & technique for all skills including rolls, flips, and the vaults. Training is done on the floor, with some beam, rails, & grip ninja included.

BEGINNING NINJA FLOW- Designed for athletes ages 6+ and teaches proper technique and parkour terminology, with safety in strength, versatility through jumping, with vaults & balancing tricks. Our Ninja course combines these tricks into "flow." Athletes train on floor, with some bar rails, beams, vaults, rope, grip ninja, and rings.

BEGINNING/INTERMEDIATE NINJA FLOW- Pre-requirements skills are: correct entry parkour roll, safety vault & speed vault. Class is designed to advance those that have met safety protocol from beginner ninja, and may benefit from slower- paced instruction while inverting or flipping. 

INTERMEDIATE NINJA FLOW- A preliminary step, the athlete must understand parkour safety & some terminology in skills. Additionally we prefer them to have a bridge with head off the floor, & a cartwheel. This class progresses fast & improves their balancing, jumping, upper body strength, and vaulting skills, as we introduce them to flipping skills "freerunning" with "flow."

INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED NINJA FLOW- Class designed for those that fall between Intermediate and Advanced parkour ninja skills. The class will start off slower and advance in speed as athletes acclimate to the material.

ADVANCED NINJA FLOW- (Ages 8+). Athlete must be able to do 5+ vaults, and understand their body well upside down. This class progresses the front, side, and back flipping skills, as well as increases efficiency and fluidity in movement. We emphasize teammate growth by recognizing each person's strengths, as well as knowing our personal boundaries/limitations as athletes. There are 3 different "advanced ninja" levels.

TRICKING & FLIPS- Invited for any athlete (ages 8-18) who is learning aerials, back flipping, stunting, or twisting skills singularly, or connected. Class is designed to be less structured where more self-discovery is emphasized in tricking. We encourage a team-supported environment, with recognition of individual strengths & limitations. Competition options available for those that express interest.

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