At Red Peak we elevate body and mind through athletics, academics and emotional confidence. We create a FAMILY atmosphere, with safety and proper technique at the forefront. We inspire growth. Together we elevate!




Coach Kari developed Red Peak Gym, formerly Tiny Tumblers, so she could share her passion and excitement for the flipping she loves, in a personalized setting.


In her youth, Kari trained at Gym Cats in Las Vegas, then earned a full-ride scholarship at Brigham Young University. There she became a D1 NCAA All-American Athlete on Floor, and BYU's first (& still only) 10.0 score on beam in school history. She also holds one of BYU's top 3 all-around scores!

After her collegiate career, she was a student-assistant coach at BYU helping the team advance to the NCAA Nationals, and then was hired as Assistant Coach for Southern Utah University. In her 11 years at SUU, she declined 4 other D1 coaching positions, coached 2 teams to Academic National Championships, advanced 6 times to the NCAA National Championships with athletes, and in her last season helped the team to SUU's highest ever team finish in school history (15th). She also was part of the team WAC Conference title, SUU's 1st ever 10.0 athlete, and several athlete Conference title champions.

Kari has her Masters Degree in Exercise Science Sports Conditioning, & certifications in Acrobatic Arts, RYT 500 Yoga, & CPR. She loves to learn with athletes & aspires to climb to excellence with them! She is married to David Louthan, & has four children: Cruise (10), and Kaylee (8), Van (4), and Harper (2). 


































Coach SHANNON EVARTS is the creator & owner of our preschool: Cedar Peak Learners, and our Preschool Director! She has been coaching gymnastics for over 20 years, from recreational to competitive team Level 1 through Level 8. She has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from SUU. During her years of coaching, she's worked with preschoolers to high level competitive athletes. She also has experience training & improving the physicality of special needs athletes. She is knowledgeable in the judge's code for USAG, and has many accolades from decorated athletes in state and national competitions. Shannon is the Director of the Utah Summer Games Gymnastics Meet. She has been a part of several college and club camps and clinics, working with amazing athletes & coaches all around the world & improving her knowledge in this field. She & her husband Andy met in Alaska as teenagers. As best friends, they now share 4 children, 2 of which also work for Red Peak Gym! 


Coach LANDON YATES is our Ninja Flow Director and started doing parkour only 3 years ago! He is now the President of the SUU Parkour club and continues that cultural movement. Landon wanted to do parkour when he was young, but thought it was beyond his ability. In the past 3 years, he has proven that you are never too old to start or pursue a dream! Beyond the outward expression of pure athleticism, he believes parkour is a testament to goal setting, overcoming fears, hard work, and incrementally pushing one's own abilities, & recognizing limitations for self-achievement. Landon comes from a long line of teachers in his family, and is continuing that degree in Social Sciences Education at SUU. 


Landon states, "It does not matter how good you are or how fast you learn, but that you have begun the steps towards bettering yourself." He states that his passion comes from the diversity of teaching parkour to people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences. He wants other people to feel the personal motivation and success that parkour can bring to them. "After all, the best part of being a teacher or coach is seeing that moment in which a student achieves something for the first time in which they have worked hard for!" That is what keeps me approaching every class with enthusiasm and why I have chosen to dedicate my energy here at Red Peak!


Coach ANTOINETTE "TONI" HARRIS is our Rec & Competitive Cheer Director. She trained and competed in cheer at the early start of 4 years old, and has now done it for over 20 years! Toni is a 25 year old Detroit Native, who moved to CA to fulfill her dreams academically & athletically. She is recognized as the 1st and only female in the United States to play a non-specialist position and be offered a full-ride scholarship playing football! She also has a Wikipedia page to describe her accolades, and the movie/book in production about her! She is a former defensive back (free safety) for East Los Angeles College where she attended as a scholar student athlete for 2 years, and was honored in their Hall of Fame before transferring. She was offered numerous athletic scholarships (6), but graduated from Central Methodist University, where she committed to playing for the Eagles, a Division 1- NAIA program in Fayette, Missouri to play free safety on full scholarship and graduating with honors. 

Toni has 4 DEGREES: Associate of Arts in General Studies, Associate in Social & Behavioral Development, Associate in Administration of Justice & a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. She is currently a graduate student-athlete double majoring in Criminal Justice & Communications where she will receive her M.A. & M.S degree May 2022 from USC & SUU. She is also a four sport athlete where she played cheerleading, soccer, football, & track in college. Whatever she sets her mind to, Toni says "I want athletes all over the world to feel what I once felt as an athlete, & that is the LOVE FOR THE SPORT! I strongly believe that as long as there are people out there who wish to see me fail, God will always be there pushing me three steps ahead because he has a plan." Viewing things from this bigger perspective has helped Toni succeed, and her zest for personal growth is contagious!



CELINE BARNEY is our preschool, and Level 3-6 Gymnastics coach. She has been doing gymnastics since she was young, and has been coaching for 5 years. She is a gymnast for Southern Utah University and entering her junior year as a vault and bar specialist. Celine is from Riverton, UT.


MYLES EVARTS is our Ninja, Tumbling, and Gymnastics coach, and grew up in the gym most his life, while doing gymnastics, parkour, and tumbling for 9 years! Although he is still in high school preparing for college, he hopes to perhaps own & operate a gym someday. He came from Kenai, Alaska and enjoys coaching the ninja classes and helping kids excel in their skills. Myles has a love for the outdoors; some of his hobbies include skateboarding, snowboarding, rock climbing, running, and parkour. Right now he is working hard on a corkscrew flip, and hopes to have it down in the next few months. 



KK EVARTS is our preschool, Level 1-2 & Level 3-6 Gymnastics, and tumbling coach. She has been doing competitive gymnastics for 10 years, and recently competitive cheer team at Cedar High. She says, "I love being in the gym and helping kids achieve their goals!" She grew up in the gym exposed to great learning, as her mother was always the Gymnastics and Preschool Director in Alaska. KK has a way of exciting young gymnasts and connecting with them in a personal way!


KINLEY WALKER is the newest member of our Gymnastics coaching staff. She is a Utah native, and has over 10 years of gymnastics competition experience up to level 8, and grew up coaching with her mother, who is also a USAG National Judge. Kinley danced all through high school and says she still "loves tumbling and moving, so getting to coach at Red Peak is awesome!" She's excited to work with our Level 1-2 Gymnasts. She says "I love watching the kids get a skill they've been working hard on. [The athletes] have so much energy and that makes it more exciting to work with them!"



IVY MCBRIDE is our Acro Dance Director & tumbling instructor. In Ivy's 8 years of teaching, she has worked with a variety of ages to help kids learn and grow in their abilities and knowledge. She has coached various forms of dance such as ballet, tap, contemporary, modern, jazz, and more for over 5 years. She has also coached in the acrobatic arts and tumbling in that time. She has trained in dance and tumbling for over a decade now and has trained in acro for over 7 years. This includes competing in these areas at a variety of competitions, including several national competitions, around the US both in groups, and as a solo artist. 


In her time she has found joy in maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle and loves to pass on her knowledge and experience to others. While she struggles with chronic back pain due to scoliosis, she believes that an active lifestyle that focuses on one's ability and healing the body is something everyone should implement in their lives. With her wide knowledge of how the body works, she approaches each class with compassion, dedication, and a drive to help each student improve in their own skills. She pursued an Associates in Dance at SUU for several years and is currently seeking a Bachelors in Biology. She hopes to continue working with children in educational programs that teach kids about ecology and zoology.


ADRI JENSON is our Advanced tumbling instructor. She got married just last month =), and has a long history in performing and coaching in cheer and tumbling. She is from Payson, Utah. Adri is in her first year of nursing school at SUU. She started working for Red Peak her first semester living in Cedar City and is now entering her 3rd year! She loves athletes & being a coach  while making good friendships at the gym! She also works as a home health and hospice CNA. Between her job and career choice, she is CPR certified, first aide certified, and has basic nursing training that is very useful in both jobs.  


ALLI JENSON is our tumbling, cheer, & gymnastics instructor. She is from Herriman, UT and was captain of her senior drill team that led her team to win the Regional Championships. Alli is currently studying at SUU in Exercise Science in hope to become a Pediatric Occupational Therapist. She danced and cheered all through high school, loves doing calligraphy, and going up the canyon! She says “I love working at Red Peak because of the fun uplifting environment and getting to know all the kids more and more everyday!”


HANNAH FOWLER is our everything coach! Like coach Maddie Wittemann, she too coaches multiple different classes including some preschool, tumbling, ninja and cheer, and also does some admin work for us. Hannah is from Norco, CA where she competed in All Star Cheer for 7 years with 5 years of dance experience. She also volunteer coached cheer teams and did gymnastics in her youth. She is runner up Summit winner, a 5-time UCA Champion, a 3-time Pay west Champion, and a 5yr dance award athlete. 



Coach Maddie Wittemann shares many of her talents with us as our Little Ninja & Ninja Flow coach, Beginning Tumbling coach, Spanish Tutor, and sometimes our Admin! She was born in California, grew up in Wisconsin, and during the summers, lives in Arizona! She is a Senior at SUU and studying to be a Physically Therapist. She says, "I love pretty much everything. Sports, the outdoors, books music, movies. I am also a big sucker for food! I love learning about the body, how it works and what it is capable of in testing the limits of athletics. That is why I love coaching and teaching. I love kids and seeing athletes learn and grow. The kids are so fun, and make me laugh, and seeing them grow in a sport that is so fun, and to see them challenge themselves just warms my heart. Red peak gym is the best place to be. I love the atmosphere and the family feel!" She hopes that she never stops working with kids!


Coach IAN has been doing parkour for about 5 five years in addition to other more conventional sports and martial arts. Helping kids learn, and overcome their mental blocks and obstacles safely is always his main aim at Red Peak. Currently he's pursuing a Bachelor’s at SUU, and working on building hours as a commercial pilot. Some of his other passions include music, snowboarding, computer building, and guitar making. 



MAYA KOHLER is our math, reading, and Spanish Tutor, Social Media Guru, and Office Admin. She grew up moving around the country but spent much of her childhood in North Carolina. She now resides in Cedar City with her husband Carson and sweet dog Lou. She is currently studying Elementary Education Student with an Emphasis in Spanish and Language Learning at Southern Utah University. Here at Red Peak Gym. She loves sharing her passion for learning and hopes to see your student in her next tutoring session!



MALLORIE CHRISTENSEN is a senior at SUU in Elementary Education, and enjoys working for Red Peak as an admin and Spanish tutor. She loves baking and going on hikes. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is read a good book while drinking hot chocolate. She loves using her language & teaching skills to help others progress in their goals. After graduation she hopes to have a classroom of her own to teach and support students in life-long learning.