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Questions & Answers:

1. PARENT RESPONSIBILITY: On initial class day, please sign our waiver form in the parent waiting area or front desk. Preferred parking is behind the building for athlete/parent safety from the busy Industrial Rd. NO PARKING by the metal fences as that is designated for through traffic. Athlete entrance & wait zone is through the door to the LEFT, where athletes can remove shoes/jackets and wash hands upon entrance and exit. Have hair pulled back, wear leotard or flexible attire tucked in, & include a LABELED water bottle for hydration. Please NO jeans or belt buckles as they can rip and tear gym mats or spotting coaches.
2. MAKE UP CLASS: Make up classes are generally only offered during the spring & summer. We typically do not allow make-up classes during the fall/winter. If there is availability however, we can offer it up to 2 weeks after date of missed class. No discounts/refunds will be granted if the athlete is unable to participate in their regular class. A text to Kari Louthan or notification of absence via our iClass Pro app or email, will be required prior to missing class in order to participate in any make-up class, per availability.
3. BILLING & PAYMENT OPTIONS: Non-refundable Annual $40 Registration Fee/Athlete. Semester tuition is discounted, or monthly processing can be accepted via credit card, bank, or check/cash. Checks should be made out to 'Red Peak Gym.' Cash is discouraged, but acceptable IF provided in an envelope, with the athlete's name, date, and the dollar amount listed on the front to ensure accurate transfer of payment.

4. Dates of Service and/or Closure Dates: 
CLOSURE DATES during "Fall Semester" include:
*Labor Day (9/5/22, Mon)
*UEA Fall Break (10/21--10/24/22, Fri-Mon)
*Thanksgiving (11/23--11/26/22, Wed-Sat) 
*Christmas Break: We are closed the last 1/2 of December
12/20/22-1/3/23, with "Winter Semester" classes resuming the same day that school returns to regular schedule, on Thursday 1/4/23! 

OPEN: Class "
SHOWCASE PERFORMANCES!" 11/28-12/19/22 (different for each class with a schedule we'll post later on as well. ALL classes REMAIN IN SESSION, even if it is NOT your showcase date)! If it's your performing "showcase," athlete's get to invite 1 guest to attend to watch them perform. Zoom footage available day-of, or recordings of event, by early request.

CLOSURE DATES during "Winter Semester" include:
*New Year's (1/1--1/3/23, Mon-Tues)
*March Break (3/15--3/18/23, Wed-Sat)
*Spring Break (4/10--4/15/23, Mon-Sat)

CLOSURE DATES during "Spring/Summer Semester" include:
*Memorial Day (5/29/23, Mon)
*Juneteenth (6/19/23, Mon)
*Independence Day (7/4/23, Tues)

during "Fall, Winter Semester, OR Spring/Summer Semester" include:
*MLK Day (1/16/23, Mon)
*President's Day (2/20/23, Mon)
*Last day of Iron County School District (5/26--5/27/23, Fri & Sat)
*Veteran's Day (11/11/22, Fri)

The "winter semester" will run through end of April, 2023. That last "winter class" will include a MEDAL & SHOWCASE event for family & friends, after-which our "spring semester" will immediately begin May-July (which are normal weekly classes, followed by summer camps (daily attendance held in June/July in conjunction with the weekly class options). "Fall semester" begins August 1, 2023.

5. ATTIRE: Please wear flexible attire. Any restrictive or loose articles of attire, including loose t-shirts, big hoop earrings/jewelry, or jeans, may cause risk of injury to the athlete or spotter. Athletes will be asked to remove dangerous attire. 

6. DISCOUNTS: A 5% discount applies to all 2nd+ classes and/or 2nd+ athletes.

7. Cancellation/Termination: We require a 1-month written notification of termination to properly remove you from billing and open your athlete's spot up online. Most athletes are enrolled in "rolling semesters" meaning they do not discontinue classes from season to season. Failure to provide proper notification will result in a 1-month tuition charge the customer will be responsible for. (Emails preferred to or through our iClass app. Texts can be accepted. Phone calls, or in-person communication with the coach will not be accepted, as we require written documentation. 

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